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才华横溢的AngelWang,自幼学琴,追随多位名师,很早即已成名,屡次获得音乐比赛大奖,被聘为天津交响乐团第一小提琴,并组建“天使三重奏”多处巡演,活跃在中国的音乐舞台和电影界。后来她远涉重洋,深造于加拿大皇家音乐学院和古尔德学院,以优异成绩毕业后留校任教,培养了许多年轻才俊,并继续她的表演事业,相继与许多著名乐团和歌剧院合作,如埃洛拉欢乐乐团,多伦多门德尔松合唱团,皇家歌剧院交响乐团,多伦多交响乐团,彼得堡交响乐团和奥沙华交响乐团,也是Mirvish Production-仙乐飘飘处处闻(TheSound of Music)乐团唯一的华裔小提琴手,并担任安省宾顿市歌剧院的乐队首席,2010-2011年受聘于新时代电视台举办的“四海同春-春节联欢晚会”,担任小提琴独奏,2010-2013年担任多伦多歌曲创作大赛的评委,同时从事电影录音工作,并担任了2011年和2015年“欢乐春节-五洲同春晚会”的英文主持人。2017年4月15日,AngelWang成功举办个人独奏音乐会“维也纳到北京到好莱坞”,受到了广大加拿大主流媒体的一致好评。10月,AngelWang与世界级钢琴大师理查德克莱德曼合作,作为乐队首席,得到大师的高度评价,Angel Wang作为第一位华人小提琴音乐家并作为首席小提琴手受邀并参与了世界级钢琴大师理查德克莱德曼北美巡回演奏会,全程参与北美5大城市的演出。受到北美观众的一致好评。2018年1月13日,14日,AngelWang将继续自己的音乐之旅“Angel’s Grand Musical Journey”。作为一位成功的音乐演奏家和教育家,她一直有志于从事中加两国的音乐和艺术交流事业。她发起成立了加拿大中华艺术传播联合会(Canadian Chinese Society For The Arts),并亲自担任总裁并将公司所得善款捐赠与慈善事业。AngelWang一直走在自己的音乐梦想上。

Performing at Canadian Chinese Society for the Arts 
Yuxia (Angel) Wang, Violinist

Renowned violinist Angel Wang has established herself as a violinist of exceptional ability in both China and Canada in solo, chamber and orchestral settings. In China, she was a member of the Tianjin Symphony Orchestra and established the Angel Trio, performing chamber music throughout the country.

In Canada, she has performed with the Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra, the Royal Opera and was concert master for a run of La Traviata. As a soloist, she has been heard on television and has appeared as a judge for numerous television competitions and festivals. Angel Wang performed in the Toronto production of the hit musical “The Sound of Music” and has performed with the Elora Festival singers and the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir.

A veteran of both stage and screen, Angel Wang has recorded extensively for the film industry in China and in North America. She is also active in the Toronto recording scene for CDs, commercials and movies. Angel Wang has also appeared in concert with such notables as singer Roger Hodgson and international piano star Richard Clayderman. Most recently she was the concertmaster for Richard Clayderman’s 2017 North American tour.

In addition to her diverse and busy performing activities, Angel Wang is much in demand as a teacher. She is on faculty at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto where she leads a full violin studio. Her students are frequent recipients of awards and are distinguished players. Many of her students are now pursuing careers in music.           

CCSA Mission

Performing at Canadian Chinese Society for the Arts concerts, under the leadership of Angel Wang are both established, international musicians and emerging, young artists. Such collaborations allow the young musicians to showcase their talents and love of their musical roots alongside colleagues whose experience and passion for their art will inspire them in their careers.

This exchange and collaboration is at the very core of the CCSA’s values, as it brings its programmes to schools and the community at large. These programmes not only promote classical music, but also make available scholarships for young, talented students for music study at accredited music schools.